A commitment to sharing wealth 
with those that help create it

Working together to change wealth inequality in America.

Private Equity for Greater Good is an open invitation to private equity firms and other alternative investment firms to publicly commit to distribute a portion of portfolio company investment gains to the employees of companies that do not already participate in equity value creation.


Sharing wealth creation with all those who contribute


An industry-wide effort to address inequality


How does Private Equity for Greater Good work?

An idea whose time has come.

The political and social environment in which we operate, as well as the constituencies that we serve, challenge us all to go further. We recognize the presence and growth of income and wealth inequality and the societal inequities that they create, and further acknowledge that existing equity plans have failed to adequately and fairly reward all employees for their contributions to company success.

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Fortune Highlights Private Equity for Greater Good

InTandem Capital Managing Partner and Founder, Elliot Cooperstone, spoke with Jessica Mathews from Fortune Term Sheet to discuss an overview and the goals of Private Equity for Greater Good. Mr. Cooperstone highlighted that while the program is

Sagewind Capital Joins Private Equity for Greater Good to Share Equity Ownership Opportunities with Portfolio Company Employees

New York, March 29, 2022 — Sagewind Capital LLC (“Sagewind”), a New York-based private equity firm, today announced it has joined Private Equity for Greater Good, a recently launched initiative to promote equity ownership for the employees of private

InTandem Capital Partners Creates Private Equity for Greater Good to Redefine Employee Equity Ownership Opportunities

New York, March 17, 2022 – InTandem Capital Partners, LLC (“InTandem Capital”), a healthcare services focused private equity firm, announced today the formation and launch of Private Equity for Greater Good (the “program”), a program that will