Founder’s Letter

Sagewind Capital made the decision to join Private Equity for Greater Good for one simple reason: we believe sharing success is the right thing to do.

The employees of our portfolio companies play a critical role in achieving our goal of creating value for our investors. Strong performance is driven by the intellect, commitment, and hard work of our team members, especially in the government services sector where people are our assets. If we do well, everyone involved in creating that success deserves to do well.

Looking forward, we firmly believe that sharing investment returns with the employees of our portfolio companies will result in improved operating and financial performance. As our equity partners, employees will be increasingly motivated to help grow our companies, by pursuing attractive growth opportunities and exceeding our customers’ expectations. This will differentiate our portfolio companies from their competition and will allow them to recruit and retain top talent in a challenging labor environment.

Our commitment to Private Equity for Greater Good is about more than compensation and financial returns. We want our portfolio company employees to be engaged in and fulfilled by their work. We expect that making them owners will have this effect.

As such, we are pleased to commit that in the future we will share a portion of investment returns with the employees of applicable companies in which we are currently invested and all future platform companies that we acquire.

Further, we join in the call for other private equity investors to join us in this important initiative. Together we can begin to address the very serious societal problem of income and wealth inequality.


Steven Lefkowitz
Raj Kanodia